DC Landscaping

High-Pressure washing.

Our team is highly experienced in cleaning houses, driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas. We provide a wide range of high and low-pressure cleaning services that will help you bring back that brand new look to your home.

high-pressure washing

With over 20 years of experience in high-pressure cleaning factories, houses, driveways, patios, footpaths, awnings, decking, walls, and more. We provide a wide range of high and low-pressure washing services that will exceed your expectations.




Over the past 20 years, The DC Landscapes team has excelled in driveway pressure washing in England. Our friendly staff are highly qualified with many hours of hands-on experience pressure cleaning small to large driveways. We work hard to ensure that you receive England’s best driveway pressure cleaning service.

Many driveways deteriorated at a faster rate due to mould, mildew, and moss growth. Our professional pressure washing service can help you extend the life of your driveway and protect it from the unattractive black and green patterns that moss, mildew and moss may form.

pergolas & Awnings

Whether you need your window awning, fabric shade sails, pergola beams, patio ceiling, or verandah feeling cleaned we can help.

Cleaning an awning or pergola can be a simple task with the right staff and equipment and we got you covered. Our team can adjust our methods to fit your specific needs. We are confident that we can get your outdoor area looking great again by restoring your awning or pergola to look brand new. 

Footpaths & Stairs

Most houses have a footpath or staircase leading up to the front door and it is one of the first things a visitor will notice about your home. Footpaths & staircases are used on a daily basis and sooner or later they will become dirty, slippery or mouldy. Our team can solve that problem for you in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner. 

We have been cleaning footpaths and staircases for over 20 years and always make sure that the job is done right. We will eliminate any mould spores that have surfaced on your footpath or staircase keeping it clean and slip-free.

Timber decking

It’s no secret that no one likes the look or feel of a faded, mouldy deck that can be slippery and unsafe, especially for children.

With help from our friendly team, we can effectively remove any mould and mildew from your deck with our high-pressure cleaning methods. 

We carefully asses each job before starting and ensure that we select the most effective cleaning method that will leave your deck looking brand new.


Mould is a common enemy of any outdoor setting. As time passes, mould builds up on patios from overhanging trees, leaves, and lack of sunlight in particular areas. Many people enjoy using their patio on a regular basis and this mould can certainly damper the aesthetic of your outdoor oasis. 

Because mould build-up is such a common issue for patios our team has had plenty of experience removing it and can most definitely help you. Our patio cleaning service will leave a long-lasting clean that will keep your patio shining.

walls & fences

It’s quite common for outdoor walls and fencing to have some trapped dirt and debris stick in them. The small crevices can be extremely hard to clean if you’re not keeping up with regular maintenance. 

Fortunately, our expert team can help get rid of stubborn dirt and debris that is stuck on your walls & fences. Whether you’re looking for a touch-up or a complete overhaul we can get the job done. 

painted tennis courts

The look of a freshly painted tennis is outstanding and can certainly bring a positive fresh atmosphere to the area. However, over time it is inevitable that the surface of these areas will become dirty and possibly slippery. 

DC Landscapes offers the best tennis court pressure cleaning service. We excel in our job and make sure that by the time we are done the area is sparkling clean. Each job is done with precision and leaves the tennis court looking restored and ready for a match.

motor oil stains

Motor oil stains leave any driveway or parking space looking below average. These stains can be frustrating and quite difficult to remove.

Our pressure cleaning method is quick and straight forward. By applying a high strength degreaser to the surface combined with scrubbing we are able to loosen the oil. Followed by a high-pressure rinse the concrete will be left looking new.

house washing

Keeping the exterior of your house clean can be just as important as cleaning the interior. Our team takes pride in protecting homes from mould build-up, dust, grime, cobwebs and nests with our fast and efficient house cleaning services. 

Our house cleaning services are ideal for all types of homes including brick, wood, render, and more. We get great satisfaction from restoring a weathered home and getting rid of the tired and run-down look that time can put on a house.

industrial factories

Regardless of the size or condition of your factory, we have the resources to clean it. 

Our team cleans factories and workshops on a regular basis prepping them for a repaint, lease/rent, or simply an annual spring cleaning. 

We are also flexible with our work methods and can cater to your space requirements, working outside regular business hours if needed.